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In the secret hideout, Crusher is furious and rampaging all over because Skylark is destroyed.

Crusher-I can't believe that Skylark was defeated.

Sealia-Now that he is gone, we must create a new plan in defeating the Goddesses.

Pandora appears in front of the two.

Pandora-You don't mind I suggest something do you?

Sealia-What is it Pandora?

Pandora-Since the power of the Nature Box was used in sealing the Goddesses. Perhaps we can continue to use it for other uses.

Crusher-What do you have in mind?

Pandora-I'll show you.

In the middle of the night, Pandora sneaks around in Viridi's Sanctuary and opens the nature's box. It unleashes a gas and it goes inside Viridi and Phosphora.

Pandora-And now for the other half.

Pandora goes straight into the Paluntena's Temple, and opens the box unleashing a gas to Palutena and Pit.

Pandora-Can't wait for tomorrow.

In the morning, the clock ticks and Viridi places her hands stopping it and goes back to sleep. Just then, Pit comes in speaks.

Pit-Aww, Viridi. Can you explain what is happening?

Just then, Viridi gets up and sees Phopshora.

Pit-Why am I in Phosphora's body?

She gasp and speaks in Palutena's voice.

Palutena-Wait. Pit, is that you?

Pit-Lady Palutena?! Okay, now this is starting to get freaky.

Just then, Arlon appears with news.

Arlon-Perhaps I can explain that.

In the Temple, the three meets with Viridi and Phosphora who are in their bodies.

Viridi-I can't believe we swap bodies.

Phosphora-I know. I feel a bit heavy. Seriously Pit, you really got to lose weight.

Pit-Don't remind me.

Palutena-Arlon said that Pandora snuck into our domains and uses the Nature's Box and uses it swap our bodies.

Viridi-Well, not only that, we can't use or specific abilites because of the body switch.

Phosphora-For now, we just need to figure a way to get our bodies back.

Palutena-Uh Oh. Looks like Nature Rebels are attacking again.

Pit-Alright then. Since Phosphora is in my body, you'll have to give her the power of flight to let her fly.

Viridi-That we can still do.

Pit flies in Phosphora's body while Viridi grants the power of flight to Phosphora. They flies towards the town and sees Pandora using the Nature's box making body swaps.

Pit-Hold right their, Pandora.

Pandora-I figure you show up. Just not in the right bodies huh?

Phosphora-Very funny. Now hand over that box.

Pandora-You want it, come get it.

Phosphora fires arrows but misses a few shots. Pandora then fires shots at her. Pit tries a quick attack but misses and crashes into a wall.

Pit-Man, using Phosphora's lightning speed abilities are tough.

Phosphora-And I'm manly have a tough time firing these arrows.

Pandora-Just face it, despite what you are trying to do. You will never get your bodies back.

Phosphora-I beg to differ.

Phosphora fires another arrow and it misses.

Pandora-Ha. You misses.

Phosphora-Wasn't aiming at ya. Now Pit.

Pit-On it.

Pit does an elegant kick and kicks the arrow back at Pandora hitting the Nature's Box. Pandora drops the box and it opens causing energy to burst out and switch everyone back to normal.

Pit-Hey. I'm back in my body.

Phosphora-So am I. What about you two?

Palutena-We're back in our bodies.

Viridi-Now get the Nature's Box back.

Pandora-Sorry. But I will have to pull away for now. But the next time we meet, you won't be so lucky.

Pandora disappears with the Nature's Box.

Pit-She got away.

Palutena-Don't you two. We'll get her next time.

Back in Skyworld, Pit and Phosphora are playing Kid Icarus Uprising on their Nitendo 3DS's and Phosphora beats Pit again.

Pit-Aw man. You beat me again?

Phosphora-Wanna go three out of five?

Pit-You're on.

They play again as Palutena and Viridi discuss the matters of what happened.

Palutena-We need to find those guys, and fast.

Viridi-I agree, because as long as they have the Nature's Box, our chances of stopping them has become slim to slimmer.

In the hideout, Pandora meets up with Crusher and Sealia who takes the Nature's Box from her.

Crusher-Your plan has failed.

Sealia-I don't think you Underworlders are helpful at all. So we'll be keeping the Nature's Box.

The two of them leave as the mysterious soul appears.

???-Those fools may do what they like. But they will lose in the end.

Pandora-Trust me my lord, we'll dispose of them when the time has come.

The End
Pandora uses the power of the Nature's Box to swap the bodies of Palutena and Viridi, and Pit and Phosphora. Can they adapt to their new bodies and stop Pandora.
thedragonlover95 Featured By Owner Jun 22, 2014
Ok this is like that episode of Teen Titans where Starfire and Raven get their bodies switched by the puppet master and they too must adapt huh nice touch
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