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Luna, Geo, Sonia by chaoscontrolmaster Luna, Geo, Sonia :iconchaoscontrolmaster:chaoscontrolmaster 0 0 Jasmine, Netto, and Meiru by chaoscontrolmaster Jasmine, Netto, and Meiru :iconchaoscontrolmaster:chaoscontrolmaster 1 0 Tron, Mega Man, and Roll Caskett by chaoscontrolmaster Tron, Mega Man, and Roll Caskett :iconchaoscontrolmaster:chaoscontrolmaster 0 0 Rock and Kalinka by chaoscontrolmaster Rock and Kalinka :iconchaoscontrolmaster:chaoscontrolmaster 0 0
FM-ian Saga Chapter 3
Chapter 3: Charge! Taurus Fire!
Three days after the fight against the Jammer, it is already evening and Geo is watching the news from his TV.
"And now the news, the Echo Ridge mailbox was destroyed in the last hours of the morning today. Recently, there have been a rash of incidents from bright red bicycles and rose petals, to the warehouses where bricks for flower beds are stored, and being destroy all across town. The Satella Police are looking into whether this latest incident is related to the others."
"A rash of incidents?" asked Geo, then he looks at his Transer. "Omega Xis, you don;t think those guys who were after you are behind this do you?"
"I doubt it. As far as I can tell, it probably has nothing to do with me or you." said Omega-Xis.
"You're probably right. But I wonder what kind of maniac would wreck all the red-colored items across the city. Let's head over to Vista Point." said Geo as he prepares to leave the house.
Minutes later, Geo is at Vista Point looking a
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FM-ian Saga Chapter 2
Chapter 2: The Jammer
Last time, Geo Stelar, a boy whose father disappeared in a Space Station three years ago refuses to go to school or make any friends or Brotherband relationships. His life suddenly makes a sudden turn around when he encounters alien made of EM Waves called Omega-Xis who has meet Geo's father once. Geo and Omega-Xis EM Wave Change into a being EM Wave being and deletes EM Viruses to stop them from destroying Echo Ridge with a Locomotive. So what will no then.
The next morning, Geo is in his bed all covered up. His mother Hope then walks in and walks up to Geo.
"Geo, I'm leaving for my part-time job." said Hope.
"...Okay." said Geo.
"I don't want to push you, Geo, but you should try going school again. I think you need to make some friends. Well, I'm off to work..." said Hope as she leaves.
"Friends huh?" Geo said quietly.
Minutes later, Geo is all dressed and looks outside from the window of his bedroom.
"Why don't you go to school?" asked Omega-Xis.
"If I w
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FM-ian Saga Chapter 1
Chapter 1: Omega Xis The Fugitive
Three centuries has passed since the dawn of Net society. Over the course of time, technology has become more advanced. The Cyberworld has evolved into a new environment called the Wave World which is made by Electromagnetic Waves, or EM Waves for short, and beings and technology were created from those very waves. One of the latest things that the new society has offered is the Brotherband invented by Dr. Lan Hikari to unite the people of society together, which a bond formed by EM Waves. The Brotherband is one of the main keys to the new society, including the bonds that created them. This is where a new story begins to unfold.
It is the year 220X... Extraterrestrial life has been discovered. The new space exploration agency, NAZA, in an effort to enter into a friendly relationship, or BrotherBand with the aliens, launched a space station named "Peace". Man's dreams to find other intelligent life among the stars had finally been realized. Howe
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Chocholate Chocolate Chip Bundt Cake by chaoscontrolmaster Chocholate Chocolate Chip Bundt Cake :iconchaoscontrolmaster:chaoscontrolmaster 3 1 Luffy Alola Team by chaoscontrolmaster Luffy Alola Team :iconchaoscontrolmaster:chaoscontrolmaster 3 1
Light Pink(Luffy Version)
The song begins with the screen showing Luffy with his back turned up close. Then cherry blossoms begin to rain as the screen begin to zoom out showing Luffy in a beautiful meadow looking out towards the sea with cherrie blossoms raining around him.
A split screen occurs and on the right side shows Luffy sparring with Zoro and Jimbei.
Farewell, my love.
(sayonara anata)

The split screen then switches to Luffy with Nami next to the latter's mikan trees with Robin who is tending her flowers, then it switches to him alongside Chopper and Blizzard fishing.
Under the light pink sky, I was your right side, you were my left
(usubeni no sora no shita watashi wa migi anata wa hidari ni)

The left side of the split screen then shows Luffy alongside Aika and Kumi walking together in the park.
"I love. I'll never forget you"
(“daisuki yo anata o wasure nai”)

The split screen then switches to Luffy and Usopp eating grilled shish kabob sticks with Sanji watching on, t
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Monkey D. Luffy Birthday 20th Anniversary by chaoscontrolmaster Monkey D. Luffy Birthday 20th Anniversary :iconchaoscontrolmaster:chaoscontrolmaster 2 2 Aika, Kumi, and Baby Groot by chaoscontrolmaster Aika, Kumi, and Baby Groot :iconchaoscontrolmaster:chaoscontrolmaster 3 3
Cybeast Saga Final Chapter
Final Chapter: Onward! To A Great Future!
Last time, the Cybeasts, Gregar and Falzar unleash their roars throughout Cyber City causing mass destruction throughout Cyber City. Iris reveals that she escaped Wily's lab to prevent herself from causing anymore destruction, but after seeing Lan's bravery and his determination to save people, she decided to return to fight alongside Colonel and Megaman and defeat the Cybeasts. The three were able to gain the upper hand against Gregar and Falzar but soon becomes overpowered. With a little bit of the Cybeasts' power remaining inside Megaman takes a stand to finish the battle. And now, the conclusion to Megaman NT Warrior...
Megaman stands before the Cybeasts Gregar and Falzar preparing to face off against both of them.
"Megaman, it's time we end this battle once and for all!" Lan shouted out to Megaman.
"Yeah! We will defeat the Cybeasts no matter what happens." said Megaman.
"Hahahaha! Haven't I said this before, the Cybeasts are the mo
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Cybeast Saga Chapter 25
Chapter 25: The Final Battle
Last time, Lan's friends were able to free themselves from Wily's captivity using Copybots, and across Cyber City, the Link Navi Operators defend the towns from the WWW HeelNavis. After the ex-WWW trio escape, Lan tells his friends to move citizens away from Central Town, and soon he was meet by Baryl who wants to stop Wily. Once they meet with Wily, it is revealed that he raised Baryl and created Colonel while the latter's father was fighting in a war. After learning of his death, he removed programs from Colonel and created Iris who is in reality a NetNavi using the school's CopyBot to roam around in the real world. Using the two giant CopyBots, Wily extracts Cybeasts from inside Megaman and places both Gregar and Falzar inside the CopyBots as they unleash the power across CyberCIty. Now the final battle begins...
The Cybeasts' roars echoed through out the Net, and it caused a large amount of damage to Cyber City and all of its towns.
(At Cyber Aca
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Cybeast Saga Chapter 24
Chapter 24: The Truth Revealed
Last time, it is revealed that the Expo Site was in reality the WWW 's secret headquarters. After his friends were captured by Wily and his army of HeelNavis, Lan escapes the Expo Site with the help of Chaud, and soon sneaks back alongside Rush to stop Wily's scheme. On the way he encounters the ex-WWW trio who are trying to steal machine's machine to control the Cybeasts. Lan and Megaman deletes there Navis and reaches the trio only to be encountered by Wily's army of HeelNavis. What's going to happen now?
Lan and the ex-WWW members are backed into a with the WWW HeelNavis lead by the blue Navi using CopyBots.
"Lan Hikari and traitors! There is no escape for you!" said the blue Navi.
"This not good..." said Ito.
"I can take one or two by myself, but it's impossible for me to handle this many." said Vic.
"Without our Navis, we can't do anything!" said Yuika.
"Prepare to be eliminated!" said the blue Navi as he and the HeelNavis approach them.
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Cybeast Saga Chapter 23
Chapter 23: Showdowns at the WWW Expo
Last time, Lan and his friends have been invited to the Preview Gala of Cyber City's Expo. However, they are soon meet by Dr. Wily who reveals that the Expo Site is in reality the WWW's secret Headquarters. After his friends were captured, Lan escapes with the help of Chaud with the WWW HeelNavis using Copybots to pursue them. Mach appears and saves Lan and Chaud and asked the former to stop Baryl. With Shuko and Match's help, Lan and Rush enters the secret passageway and makes there way to the Expo.
(With Maylu and the others...)
Inside a room in the Expo Site, we see Maylu and the others surrounded by HeelNavis and Iris is not with them.
"I wonder where they're keeping Iris..." Maylu whispered.
"Even if we knew, we can't do anything about it." said Yai.
"Quiet! Both of you!" one of the HeelNavis yelled.
"Hey Mick..." Dex whispered.
"What is it?" Mick asked.
"I have an idea. Can you teach me how to use a CopyBot?" Dex asked.
"Why would you
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Sonic’s Deck
Effect Monsters
Debris Dragon
Fortress Warrior
Healing Wave Generator
Hyper Synchron
Junk Synchron
Level Warrior
Max Warrior
Nitro Synchron
Quillbolt Hedgehog
Road Synchron
Salvation Monster Savior Dragon
Shield Warrior
Shield Wing
Sonic Chick
Speed Warrior
Stardust Dragon/Assault Mode
Turret Warrior
Turbo Booster
Turbo Synchron
Stardust Xiaolong
Spell Cards
Advance Draw
Domino Effect
Double Summon
Junk Barrage
Mystical Space Typhoon
One For One
Pot of Greed
Release Restraint Wave
Fighting Spirit
Trap Cards
Assault Mode Activate
Call of the Haunted
Defense Draw
Give and Take
Graceful Revival
Mirror Force
Scrap Iron Scarecrow
Spirit Force
Synchro Strike
Urgent Tuning


matsuri [GIFT] by Pan-kuzu matsuri [GIFT] :iconpan-kuzu:Pan-kuzu 69 25 because you're you [GIFT] by Pan-kuzu because you're you [GIFT] :iconpan-kuzu:Pan-kuzu 90 32 ohime-sama part 3 by Pan-kuzu ohime-sama part 3 :iconpan-kuzu:Pan-kuzu 89 20 ''I hope you weren't waiting long'' by Pan-kuzu ''I hope you weren't waiting long'' :iconpan-kuzu:Pan-kuzu 68 20 Happy Valentine's Day 2016! by Pan-kuzu Happy Valentine's Day 2016! :iconpan-kuzu:Pan-kuzu 108 26 happy holidays [COLLAB] by Pan-kuzu happy holidays [COLLAB] :iconpan-kuzu:Pan-kuzu 76 19 you'd look nice with flowers [GIFT] by Pan-kuzu you'd look nice with flowers [GIFT] :iconpan-kuzu:Pan-kuzu 75 17 ah, there you are! [GIFT] by Pan-kuzu ah, there you are! [GIFT] :iconpan-kuzu:Pan-kuzu 64 15 you are my sun by Pan-kuzu you are my sun :iconpan-kuzu:Pan-kuzu 68 14 ohime-sama part 2 by Pan-kuzu ohime-sama part 2 :iconpan-kuzu:Pan-kuzu 84 21 ohime-sama by Pan-kuzu ohime-sama :iconpan-kuzu:Pan-kuzu 144 48 Mario Kart Wii - Boys time by Princesa-Daisy Mario Kart Wii - Boys time :iconprincesa-daisy:Princesa-Daisy 938 659 Luigi x Daisy by Princesa-Daisy Luigi x Daisy :iconprincesa-daisy:Princesa-Daisy 733 369 Luigi and Daisy - Its for you by Princesa-Daisy Luigi and Daisy - Its for you :iconprincesa-daisy:Princesa-Daisy 815 291 Royal Gals by Princesa-Daisy Royal Gals :iconprincesa-daisy:Princesa-Daisy 729 418 Mama Luigi by Princesa-Daisy Mama Luigi :iconprincesa-daisy:Princesa-Daisy 761 529



Luna, Geo, Sonia
Here is my fourth pic, this one consist of Luna, Geo, and Sonia from Mega Man Star Force. This time I added the girls swimsuits from which they wore during their trip to Alohaha.

Mega Man belongs to Cacpom
Jasmine, Netto, and Meiru
Here is my pic. This one consist of Jasmine Orihime, Netto Hikari(Lan), and Meiru Sakurai(Maylu) from Rockman Exe/MegaMan Battle Network. Unlike the previous ones which has the swimsuits from Xover, I put in their swimsuits from the anime.

Jasmine and…

Mega Man belongs to Capcom
Tron, Mega Man, and Roll Caskett
Here is another summer pic. The scanner isn't working so I had to use my phone. Here is a picture of Mega Man Volnutt alongside Tron Bonne and Roll Caskett. I even added the girls' respective swimsuits from Xover.


Mega Man belongs to Capcom
Rock and Kalinka
The season of Summer has begun, and to celebrate I decided to post some summer pictures. Like some of the drawings, I'm too lazy to color. This one is of Rock and Kalinka alongside their respective father's creations Rush and Beat. I even used the swimsuit from Rockman…

Mega Man belongs to Capcom
Chapter 3: Charge! Taurus Fire!

Three days after the fight against the Jammer, it is already evening and Geo is watching the news from his TV.

"And now the news, the Echo Ridge mailbox was destroyed in the last hours of the morning today. Recently, there have been a rash of incidents from bright red bicycles and rose petals, to the warehouses where bricks for flower beds are stored, and being destroy all across town. The Satella Police are looking into whether this latest incident is related to the others."

"A rash of incidents?" asked Geo, then he looks at his Transer. "Omega Xis, you don;t think those guys who were after you are behind this do you?"

"I doubt it. As far as I can tell, it probably has nothing to do with me or you." said Omega-Xis.

"You're probably right. But I wonder what kind of maniac would wreck all the red-colored items across the city. Let's head over to Vista Point." said Geo as he prepares to leave the house.

Minutes later, Geo is at Vista Point looking at the stars in the sky once again.

"So you always come around here and watch the stars each night." asked Omega-Xis.

"Yeah, I always look at the sky hoping that Dad would came back one day." said Geo.

"Hmm... I think I should tell about what happened to your old man." said Omega-Xis.

"My, oh my. I wonder what you're up to, being here all alone at this time of night." said a voice, the Geo turns to see Luna and Zack walking towards him much to his dismay.

"Ugh..." Geo said while feeling a little annoyed.

"What's with that face? Anyway, someone out all by himself this late at night is causing trouble around town recently. That wouldn't happen to be you wouldn't it?" Luna asked.

"What?! No! That wasn't me!" Geo yelled.

"What's with you? You don't have to get so worked up. It's not as if someone like you could even remotely be the culprit. I've decided that it was dumb luck that you beat Bud last time." said Luna.

"Is he okay?" asked Geo.

"Bud? He's perfectly fine. Right now, we're being super citizens driving around in our scouring car!" said Luna.

"Scouring car?" asked Geo.

"As you might already know, there have been a lot of crimes going on around Echo Ridge, so we're scouring every part of the neighborhood to find the criminal. I'm going to protect this town!" said Luna.

"Wow, Prez, you have such a great sense of justice! No one can stop you! You're a role model for all!" said Zack.

"So how about it? Should I sign you up?" asked Luna.

"Sorry, but I'm not interested." said Geo.

"Well then, don't stay up too late. Who knows what kind of dangers may find you if you do!" said Luna as she leaves with Zack.

"Phew, I'm tired from just talking to her. Let's go home." said Geo as he begins to make his way home.

After leaving Vista Point, Geo crosses the street and sees a green truck appear and stops in front of him.

"Well, well, we meet again." said a voice.

"That voice..." Geo said as he recognizes it, and out came Luna and Zack along with Bud.

"What do you think? Nice truck huh? I'll even give you a ride in it, if you want!" said Luna.

"I'm OK, really... Anyway..." said Geo as he walks up to Bud. "I'm really sorry about what happened! Well, see ya!"

Geo leaves and heads home, but Bud looks at him with eyes full of anger.

"That guy has some nerve, turning down another one of my invitations like that. He's going to be trouble with a capital T. Just you wait, I'm going to get that kid to school, somehow!" said Luna.

"Prez, it's time to go." said Zack.

"Alright..." said Luna as she and Zack gets back into the truck.

"What's wrong, Bud? Isn't this the perfect chance to get your revenge? You can get back at the brat that hung you out to dry, and show your new powers to the Prez." Taurus said as he speaks to Bud through his mind.

"Sh-Show her... my powers..." Bud said weakly as his eyes glow red.

"Come on, Bud! Get in here and drive!" Luna yelled.

"Yes, let your feeling take control!" said Taurus.

"Moooo!" Bud yelled as a sudden flash of light occurs, and after five seconds, the light dies down.

"What the? EEEEEEK" Luna screamed as what she saw horrifying sight.

Bud now has the appearance of an enormous bull with two horns and metallic plates with flames coming from his hands.

"Mmmrrrrgh!" the Bud said.

"A m-m-monster!" Luna screamed, then the EM Wave changed Bud enters the truck's Comp Space.

"It's gone..." said Zack, then suddenly the engine started running.

"What? Are you using the driving card, Zack?" Luna asked.

"I don't have it! Bud does!" Zack replied, then suddenly the Truck started dashing down the street.

As Geo makes his way home, he hears a horn make noise.

"Huh?" Geo wondered, then he sees the truck and it started charging for him, and he moves out of the way and the truck stops in front of him."Wh-What the!? This is going way to far! All I did was turn down a few of your invitations!"

"C-C-Can you hear me!? This isn't about turning me down! Bud turned into some kind of monster, and just when we had though he had vanished, the truck started moving on its own!" Luna yelled out to Geo, then the truck charges for Geo only for him to dodge again, the Geo started to run as the truck started to chase him again.

"It's no good! It won't respond to me at all!" Zack yelled as he tried to stop the truck but couldn't.

"Turned into a monster!? No way... Omega-Xis!?" Geo asked Omega as he continues to run from the truck.

"Geo, find a wavehole and EM Wave Change quick." Omega-Xis told Geo.

"OK!" Geo said as he puts on his visualizer and sees a wavehole near Big Wave. "Found one!"

Geo then jumps towards the wavehole dodging the truck, and then the truck then stops and turns around.

"EM Wave Change! Geo Stelar On the Air!" Geo shouted as he swipes the card and undergoes EM Wave Change with Omega-Xis to enter the Wave World, before the truck appears.

"He's gone..." Zack said.

"But where did he...?" asked Luna, then the truck started moving and again.

In the Wave World, Geo sees the truck running wild around the neighborhood.

"Omega-Xis?! Luna said that Bud turned into some kind of monster, does she mean..." Geo figured it out.

"Yeah, that kid Bud. He fused with an FM-Ian and has entered went inside that truck's computer." said Omega-Xis.

"But why was he chasing me like that?" asked Geo.

"You think he's probably mad about you knocking him out the other day." said Omega-Xis.

"That was all you!" Geo yelled.

"Can it, kid! Anyway, the FM-ian showed up, so we should stand our ground and face him!" said Omega-Xis.

"But I can't do that! That FM-ian will crush me!" Geo said.

"If you want to rescue those two in the truck, then do what I say!" Omega-Xis yelled as he puts on Geo's right arm.

"Ow ow ow! Okay, I will. But first, I need to figure out a way to stop the truck so I can get into it's Comp Space." said Geo as he looks around and notices the car the Jammer he fought tried to steal. "I got it..."

Geo went into the car's Comp Space through a wavehole and he makes his way towards the Throttle Control.

"If I can operate this control and use the car to block the path, I may be able to stop the truck. It's kind of crude, but we don't have a choice. Activating Axel Program." said Geo as he turns on the Program.

In the real world, the car started to move and into the truck's path, then Geo exits the car and returns to the Wave Road.

"That should do it!" said Geo.

"Not bad, kid!" Omega-Xis said, then the two notices the truck making its way toward the car.

"H-Hey! Why's a car stopped in a place like that?" Luna gasped.

"EEEEK!" Zack screamed, then the truck crashes into the car causing it to be stopped.

"Aaaah!" Luna screamed as the truck crashed, the suddenly a flash of light occurred and Luna and Zack disappeared.

"Alright! Mission accomplished! Not let's go get that FM-Ian." said Omega-Xis.

"But is everyone alright?" asked Geo.

"They should be okay if the safety devices are activated. For now let's go get that FM-ian." said Omega-Xis.

"OK!" said Geo as he jumps into the truck through the wavehole and enters its Comp Space.

Inside the Comp Space, Geo and Omega-Xis looks around and the latter senses something.

"This vibe... There's one FM-Ian back there. I can smell his awful stench. Be careful and let's get going Geo!" said Omega-Xis.

"OK!" said Geo as he travels through the Truck Comp making his way to the end of the Comp Space.

When Geo arrives at the next area of the Comp Space, he then heard a girl's scream.

"I recognize that scream!" said Geo, as he looks at the end and sees the bull monster Bud with Luna and Zack.

"Wh-Where are we!? Bud? What were thinking, bringing us to a place like this!" Luna asked.

"Mmrr... Mmmrrrrgh! I'm gonna crush that punk, Geo! I'll show not just him, but you too, Prez! I'll show both of you how strong I am! Mmmrrgh! Now where is he hiding!?" Bud yelled.

"H-Hey! Are you listening!? Answer me!" Luna demanded, then Taurus appears in front of her and Zack which frightens both of them.

"Mmmrrrrgh! Don't waste your breath, sweetie. Right now he's completely under my control!" said Taurus.

"Wh-Who are you! You're the one that changed Bud into this didn't you? Please! Change him back!" Luna pleaded!

"Mmrrrgh! Let me set a few facts straight for you. While I did in fact, give him powers, you Prez are the one responsible for his misery!" Taurus said.

"Wh-What! I said I would cut our Brotherband, but I-" before Luna could finish...

"Mmmrrrrgh! That enough out of you! I don't care to hear any more of your screams, so it's naptime for the two of you! Mmmrrrrgh!" said Taurus as he uses his power to put the two to sleep.

"What are Luna and Zack doing in the Comp Space!?" Geo gasped.

"FM-ians can change humans into waves. Those two were two close to the FM-ian, so they were dragged along for the ride. And they were picked up by a real nasty one." said Omega-Xis.

"A nasty one?" asked Geo.

"That's Taurus. He's one brutal guy who charges at things like a the bull-headed cow he is." Omega-Xis explained.

"And you wanr me to fight a scary guy like him?" asked Geo.

"He's strong but moves in straight lines. If you keep your cool, he's a pushover! If you want to save those two, then you gotta have guts! Now let's go!" said Omega-Xis.

"Yeah!" said Geo as he approaches the group.

"What's the smell?" asked Bud as he turns around and sees Geo in his wave form.

"Mmmrrrrgh! And who are you!?" asked Taurus.

"Eep! He's freaking huge!" Geo gasped.

"Mmmrrrrgh!? Haven't we meet somewhere before?" asked Taurus.

"Hey, long time no see Taurus!" said Omega-Xis.

"Mmmrrrrgh! Omega-Xis!?" Taurus gasped.

"Are you the only FM-ian that came to Earth?" Omega-Xis asked.

"That's right! But don't worry, the others will be here soon! By the way, you picked a real loser as a host! Strong and powerful people, that's the way to go!" said Taurus.

"I'll win no matter who my host is!" Omega-Xis yelled.

"Take a good look at Taurus Fire! He and I are going to mow you down and take back the Andromeda Key!" yelled Taurus.

"So, you really do plan to attack this attack planet!" Omega-Xis yelled.

"The kingss commands are absolute! Using Bud's body, the destruction of this town will signal the attack on Earth! Taurus Fire! Destroy them, and if you do, the Prez will appreciate you!" Taurus ordered.

"Mmmrrrrgh! I'm so powerful! If I show the Prez my strength, she'll need me! Mmmrrrrgh!" Taurus Fire yelled.

"Geo, get ready!" Omega-Xis yelled.

"But how do I face him!" Geo yelled.

"Just trust in my power and strength! It's impossible to save him unless we beat him!" said Omega-Xis.

"Okay!" said Geo.

"You beat me! Don't make me laugh! Ox Tackle!" Taurus Fire yelled as he charges for Geo who dodges it the attack, the he tries again and Geo dodges him.

"Ox Tackle!" Taurus fired yelled again as he charges for Geo once more who dodges it. "Hold still you little squirt!"

"Heh, even if you EM Wave Change, all you do is charge in, relying on your strength. Your attack is just one single pattern!" said Omegs-Xis.

"Is that so? Anger Punch!" Taurus Fire yelled as he tries to punch Geo, but he jumps out of the way, but the fist leaves a large crater.

"Geo! Let's go!" Omega-Xis shouted.

"Mega Buster!" Geo shouted as he fires shots from Omega-Xis' mouth which hits Taurus damaging him, then Taurus Fire charges for him once more.

"Sword Battle Card Predation!" Geo shouted as he pulls out a Sword Battle Card and Omega-Xis consumes it turning into a sword and blocking the attack, the Taurus lifts Geo into the air.

"Cannon Battle Card Predation!" Geo shouted as he brings out another Battle Card and Omega-Xis consumes it turning into a Cannon and firing cannon shots at Taurus damaging him.

"Fire Breath!" Taurus Fire shouted as he shoots a breath of fire from his nostils towards Megaman who blocks it with his shield.

"Plasma Gun Battle Card Predation!" Geo shouted as he brings out the card and Omega-Xis consumes it turning into a Plasma Gun, then Geo shoots Taurus fire with plasma shots paralyzing him.

"He's paralyzed! Now finish this Geo!" Omega-Xis said.

"Right! WideSword and Atk+10 Battle Cards Predation!" Geo shouted as he  brings out the cards and Omega-Xis consumes them turning into a WideSword afterwards, he then charges for Taurus Fire and slashes him dealing heavy damage causing him to collapse in defeat.

"Om-Omega-Xis... Don't be too happy... You may have beaten me... but we will get the Andromeda Key... for sure. Ooooowww!" Taurus yelled as he is deleted causing Taurus Fire to revert back to being Bud.

"We... won... I can't believe it." said Geo.

"See, didn't I tell you to trust me? That was our power just now. So give me a little more credit okay?" said Omega-Xis.

"OK!" Geo nodded.

"And don't worry about those three, the FM-ian that brought them to this Space is gone, so they will return to the Real World soon." said Omega-Xis.

"That's a relief. But what is this "Andromeda" Taurus was talking about?" asked Geo.

"One of their most treasure items. I have the key that will allow them activate it." said Omega-Xis.

"So they will be coming for us to get it right?" asked Geo.

"Right... but the planet will be in grave danger if they get their hands on the key. We just need to fight the way we do and make certain that doesn't happen okay?" asked Omega-Xis.

"Okay! Let's pulse out now..." said Geo, then suddenly Luna begins to regain consciousness and notices Geo in his wave form.

"B-Bud?" asked Luna.

"Don't worry, he's fine. He's back to his normal self now." said Geo.

"Did you save us? W-Who are you?" asked Luna.

"Me...? I'm, uh... I'm Megaman!" Geo introduced himself as Megaman as he pulses out of the truck.

"...Megaman" Luna said as she blushes.

Moments later, Luna, Bud, and Zack are outside the truck and back in the real world.

"Wake up you two! I said wake up!" Luna yelled at the unconscious Bud and Zack, who then wake up and sees Luna. "Looks like you two are finally awake? What was I to do if the two people who were supposed to protect me couldn't!"

"Huh? Prez, what am I doing here?" asked a confused Bud.

"You are Bud, right? I feel like I was in a bad nightmare just now where you turned into a giant monster." said Luna.

"Prez... I... I'm sorry. You know all those things getting broken? I think I'm the one doing it. After I got mad at you that one time, I saw the strangest thing. There was a cow monster guy and he told me he would give me powers. He said if I wanted to keep you as a Brother. I had to show you my power. Then you'd appreciate me. After that day every night, I'd get restless and go outside. Whenever I see something red, I'd blank out, and then wake up in my own room. I thought it was a dream, but car pieces or bricks would be all around me. I'll apologize to everyone." Bud apologized.

"P-Prez..." Zack said.

"Alright! I need you two back here at 6:30 AM! We're going to fix all of the things Bud broke. And Bud, make sure from now on, you use your strength to do things more useful okay?" asked Luna.

"Okay!" Bud smiled.

Inside his Bedroom, Geo prepares for bed.

"That Bud kid is strong, but even his physical strength could not give life meaning. And when I knocked him out cold, he thought he had lost his place in the world. He didn't want to lose that so he let his weakness be used by that FM-ian." said Omega-Xis.

"So Taurus took over Bud because of his loneliness?" asked Geo.

"That's right. FM-ians take over humans with loneliness in their hearts. Humans who feel lonely want something to fill up the void inside, and they invite us FM-ians into that empty space. Some people are so weak, they think they can't fill the void in their hearts by themselves. FM-ians need to fuse with Earthlings to use our full power. Everyone need to feel they fit in somewhere. Guess that goes for humans and FM-ians alike." said Omega-Xis.

"Someplace to fit to... The feeling to protect someone is born from getting to know the person. If we never had those kinds of feelings to begin with, then people wouldn't live in pain." said Geo.

To Be Continued...
FM-ian Saga Chapter 3
Several incidents which involves many red items destroyed are occurring around Echo Ridge. When Luna, Zack, and Bud meet with Geo while investigating, Bud who is under the control of the FM-ian Taurus EM Wave Changes into Taurus Fire and takes control of a truck to attack Geo and has Luna and Zack hostages. Geo and Omega-Xis must fight against the rampaging ox to save the two.

Mega Man belongs to Capcom
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What was your first game console?
Nintendo 64

What was your first handheld?
Game Boy Pocket

What is you favorite kind console(s)
Nintendo Consoles

What is your favorite handheld(s)
Nintendo Handhelds

What was the first video game ever you played?
Diddy Kong Racing

What is your favorite video game genre(s)?
Platform, Sports, RPG, and Racing

Who is your favorite video game character(s)?
Mario, Sonic the Hedgehog, Pikachu, and Mega Man

What is your favorite Platform game or series?
Super Mario(series), Sonic the Hedgehog(series), and Mega Man(classic series)

What is your favorite action adventure game or series?
The Legend of Zelda(series)
What is your favorite Fighting Game or series?
Super Smash Bros

What is your favorite Shooting game or series
Star Wars Battlefront

What is your favorite RPG game or series?
Pokemon, Mega Man Battle Network, and Mega Man Star Force

What is your favorite Sports game or series?
Mario Sports, NBA Live, Madden NFL

What is your favorite Racing game or series?
Mario Kart(series)

What is your favorite Music game or series?
Dance Dance Revolution(series), Just Dance(series)

What is your favorite Puzzle game or series?
Tetris and Brain Age

What is your favorite Party game or series?
Mario Party(series)

What is your favorite Strategy game or series?
Star Wars Empire at War, Yu-Gi-Oh! Tag Force(series), Yu-Gi-Oh! World Championship

What is your favorite Construction and Management Simulation game or series?
SeaWorld Adventure Parks Tycoon

What is your favorite Life Simulation game or series?

If you want to take the questionnaire. Here is the link to it. Video Game Questionnair


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Favourite cartoon character: Sonic, Mario, Pikachu, Monkey D. Luffy, Naruto, Natsu Dragneel

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